Leotards for Girls On Sale – Top Reviews and Comparison

Spent hours practicing all your dance moves to perfection till you can’t feel your legs anymore and your body is exhausted. Every ballerina wish to go through a series of rigorous sessions of dance classes to give the best performance when their time comes. For the D-day performance, every girl wish to wear the dance outfit that makes them feel like a true princess. If you are unable to find ballerina dress yet, Leotards for girls are all set to help you with the most stylish and affordable leotards for your dance wardrobe.

best girls leotards

Check out the 7 Best Girls Dance Leotard that are comfortable, stylish and best for your dance performance.

Leotards for Girls

1. Capezio Girls’ Team Basics Long Sleeve Leotard

Capezio Girls' Team Basics Long Sleeve LeotardAs the name suggest, it’s one of the most basic designed long sleeved girl leotard from Capezio. This is the best choice in girl leotard that provides comfort and comes in diverse color. Manufactured from breathable fabric, the design has a scoop back and front for elegant look.

The Capezio’s leotard for girls comes with following features:

  • Made from 100% nylon
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Quick-drying functionality
  • Machine Wash
  • Available in different sizes and colors

2. Capezio Girls’ Classic Short Sleeve Leotard

Capezio Girls' Classic Short Sleeve LeotardAnother classic leotard for girls that come with a short sleeve and the whole front lining made by the Capezio. This popular studio dress is an ideal choice when you are going for a classic dance performance. It covers most of the area of your body and comes in different soft shade of colors.

Capezio Classic Short Sleeve Girls’ Leotard features are:

  • Making leotard from 90% Cotton, 10% Lycra Spandex fabric
  • Available in for child and adult sizes
  • Machine wash in cold water and delicate dry
  • Comes with Full front lining and variety of colors to choose from
  • Ideal leotard for studio dress and performance

3. Capezio Girls’ Camisole Leotard with Adjustable Straps

Capezio Girls' Camisole Leotard with Adjustable StrapsCapezio brings another stylized girl leotard that comes with the additional benefit of adjustable strap. The main thing about camisole leotard for girls is that you can adjust the strap as per the length of your shoulder for better comfort and security while performing. It is made from soft and durable fabric that molds around your body. All this comes in great colors and pocket friendly affordable rates.

Capezio Girls’ Camisole Leotard with Adjustable Straps comes with features stated below:

  •  Bestseller among leotards
  •  Manufactured from quick drying fabric
  •  Scoop front and V-back
  •  Front lining in pink and white color 
  •  Designed for dancers with long torso
  •  Available in different sizes and colors for small and grownup girls.
  •  Created for the dancers with long torsos
  •  Machine washes in cold water and delicate dry

4. Danskin Girls’ Long-Sleeve Leotard

Danskin Girls' Long-Sleeve Leotard

Looking for the high long sleeve leotard for kids and girls, Danskin brings you a classic look leotard made for girls cheering their team with high class dancing performance. It can be wore alone or matched up with dance skirt or pants. This versatile piece of garment gives you flexibility to move while dancing or cheering and is available for kids and girls.

Danskin Girls’ Long-Sleeve Leotard are available with these features:

  •  Made from 93% nylon and 7% of spandex material
  • Designed with a scoop neckline and long sleeves
  • Can be easily incorporate with any dress
  • Molds around your body to give you desired flexibility
  • Available in different sizes and also in special sizes for little, big and toddler girls
  • Comes with 8 different color variations

5. Capezio Girls’ Team Basic Short Sleeve Leotard

Capezio Girls' High-Neck Tank Leotard

Capezio launched short sleeve girl leotard that can be wore on all occasions. Made from the highest quality of fabric which is a mix of Cotton and Lycra Spandex material, this is a highly durable yet economical leotard for girls. It has a classic leg line and comes with scoop neck. You can find this leotard with different colors and sizes.

Capezio Basic Short Sleeve Girls is comfortable you are performing dance or cheering team. This leotard comes with following features:

  •  Soft and breathable material
  • Quick-drying fabric for comfortable wear
  • Scoop front and back for elegant look
  • Ballet legs line
  • Full front lining for better fitting
  • Available in adult sizes
  • Machine wash in cold water, hangs to dry

6. Capezio Girls’ High-Neck Tank Leotard

Capezio Girls' High-Neck Tank Leotard

Capezio’s high neck tank leotard for girls comes with a full front lining, high scoop front and back for that perfect look. It is a classing cotton leotard made from a perfect mix of cotton and lycra spandex material that gives your comfortable fitting. This is an ideal studio dress for performances.

If you are thinking for Capezio for Girls’ High-Neck Tank Leotard, then it comes with following features:

  •  Made with 100% cotton material
  • Designed with ballet leg line in every variation
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Comes with full front lining
  • Machine wash in cold water, with hand dry, and no bleach

7. iEFiEL Girls Go Sports Shiny Dancer Ballet Dancing Tutu Skirt Dress Leotard Dancewear

iEFiEL Girls Go Sport Shiny Dancer Ballet Dancing Tutu Skirt Dress Leotard Dancewear

iEFiEL is launching a soft and elastic tutu leotards for girls specially designed to make them look beautiful. It has V-neck, ruffled hem around the waist and chiffon skirt to give any girl the beautiful grace of a ballerina. This leotards is suitable for dance classes, performances, gymnastic exercises and can be wore as daily wear.

The sporty shiny tutu skirt dress leotard for girls comes with the following features:

  •  Tutu leotards come in soft and elastic texture
  • The ruffled chiffon skirt design gives a more elegant look
  • Top choice for ballet dance and gymnastics classes
  • Made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastin
  • Available in the 6 vibrant colors and all sizes

All the above shown leotards are fairly true to the color and size. We advise all our customers to purchase one size up leotards for your growing up girl. Make sure you check the details of the fabric type when you want to purchase leotard to enjoy the comfortable fitting experience. We hope that you like the list of the girls dance leotards accumulated by us. Our motto is to thrive and improve the work we do on daily basis. If you have any suggestions regarding the list to make it better, we are all ears to you. Your views are important to us and with such information, we will be able to serve you much better.

Leotard Trends for 2016

The word “Leotard” is generally related to the wear for Gymnasts or Ballerinas. Well, you are right but girl’s leotard today are not only used for dance or sports but many carry them as a fashion style in their life. Many Hollywood celebrities are adapting leotard in their wardrobe for many good reasons. The best thing about this piece of clothing is its comfortable garment, mold around the body to give you a sophisticated and versatile look. Match it with a long flowing skirt, shirt skirt or jeans, you are bound to look good with the leotard.

Adapting the Leotard Trend in 2016

If you are planning to purchase leotards for dance class, then pick some classier one as you might try to blend them with your daily wear. Before, you get yourself few nice pairs of leotard, you should know the popular current trends of this dance wear. As this piece of fabric clings to your skin, make sure your other piece of clothing is slightly loose to complement the whole look. This is very important especially when you are performing.

  • Mesh Style: This might look like a delicate design on the fabric, mesh style leotard are the must have in your wardrobe. If you are opting for mesh style, pick the long sleeve leotard as the design will bring an interesting contrast between skin and cloth. Also match this with a skirt and jacket to get a regal look from your leotard.
  • High Collar: You may not like the turtleneck style because of the discomfort but there won’t be any complain when you go for high neck leotards for girls. This is best thing to wear in winters and the high collar actually makes your neck and torso longer. This type of girl leotard style was used in 90’s but has return again back in the fashion world for sure.
  • Ombré: This a new trend of color is mostly seen in sweaters, t-shirts, jeans and even on hair but now you can find many Ombre leotards in the market and every girls wish to have one of them in wardrobe. This new design can be more seen in camisole leotard for girls. Choose any subtle looking leotard and it will change your whole look for sure.
  • Pink Color: Said to be the favorite color of girls, pick leotard is been in trend for past 4 to 6 years. If you look at most of the gymnasts performing in international competition, they have worn pink color leotards. This might look bit cliché but pink color can actually look good on any skin tone. Despite of the arguments, girls leotards are always look best in pink color weather someone agree or not.
  • Style with Jewels: When you want to add a sparkle to your simple looking leotard, then design the V-neck Dance Girls Leotard with Rhinestones to create elaborate swirling and geometric patterns. This is the best way to glamor up any simple girl leotard.
  • Metallic and Neon Trend: Many of the gymnasts have started opting for dark metallic or neon color leotards as they often catches the eye of the watchers. Most of these leotards comes in silver, gold and bronze color highlighted with rhinestones whereas the neon, green seems to be favorite. If you are looking for girl’s gymnastics leotards, then try the new trend of metallic and neon as they will surely catch the attention of crowd.

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