Best Pumice Stone for Feet, Heels, and Calluses

Pumice stones are used in the beauty salon to remove dead skin from feet and heels. It is multidimensional as it is used for various purposes like you can de-pill your bobbly sweaters with it, oven and hob can be cleaned by using it, dirtiest of toilets are removed by it, and you can clean up pesky pet hair by it. Not only for cleaning purposes it is also used for boosting soil’s plant power, removal for fuzzy hair, work as the cuticle tool for DIY manicures, helps in brightening the dull complexion and act as the essential oil diffuser. There are many uses of pumice stone. They are popular in cleaning the dead skin of feet, heels, and calluses.

Best Pumice Stone for Feet, Heels, and Calluses

I would like to discuss various types of pumice stones for feet and calluses so that you can get an idea what kinds of pumice stones are popular on the market. Have a look-

Best Pumice Stone 

1) Earth Lava Natural Pumice Stone for Feet by Zenda Naturals

Natural Earth Lava is the pumice stone for feet. You will get soft hands and feet by using it. It will remove the callouses actually and provide refreshing experience to the feet. Your dead skin will be easily off by using it. Both the size and quality is great.

  • It is made up of natural earth formed volcanic lava pumice stones, so you are away from harmful toxins of synthetic pumice stones which will keep your feet safe and smooth.
  • It is ideal for pedicures as it will remove stains, corns, and dirt from feet and helps in providing the healthy glow.
  • The stones vary in sizes, shapes, and colors. But all contain natural ingredients as they are naturally picked from the earth so that their originality can be maintained.
  • It is very handy and can be easily managed so you can use it comfortably without any extra effort.

2) Diane Rectangular Pumice Stone

Diane Rectangular Pumice Stone is one of the best Pumice stones that will keep the calluses in control. You will enjoy the reasonable price by buying it. The size and shape are so appropriate that it get at the base of the fingers on the inside of the palm.

  • It smooths rough and dry skin.
  • Use on the wet or damp skin to get best results.
  • It is efficient and sustainable.
  • It is good in diminishing tanning.

3) Cuccio Earth Lava Pumice Stone for Calluses

Cuccio Earth Lava is the natural pumice stone whose shape, color and weight are all perfect. It is good in shedding tough skin off from the feet. Your feet will get soft and supple by using it as it will remove the dead skin quickly.

  • It removes calluses effectively.
  • It features natural earth stone.
  • It is meant to be the safe solution to soften feet.
  • It fits nicely in a small hand.

4) Aisilk Earth Lava Pumice Stone to Remove Dead Skin from Feet

Aisilk Earth Lava Pumice stone for calluses comes in different shape, size, and color. It is very comfortable to use and can fits nicely in the palm of your hand. If you used carefully, then pumice stone can smooth callouses on small areas like those occur on pinky toes without causing any pain.

  • It is the natural Pumice Stone that leaves skin soft.
  • It has the ergonomic design and is easy to carry.
  • It is perfect for scrubbing and exfoliation.
  • It is ideal for regular maintenance of feet.

5) Aquasentials Pumice Stone for Feet and Heel

Aquasentials Pumice Stone is good for smoothing feet. It works great and is durable. You can use it for months without any decrease in efficacy.It is natural pumice stones and is authentic in removing all the callous from the feet.

  • It is 3.5in long.
  • It removes dead skin and provides healthy and refreshing look.
  • It is superb for pumicing rough feet in the shower.
  • It is real pumice stones- these are the no frills.

6) Love Pumice Stone for Feet and Body

Love Pumice Stone is meant for feet, hands, and body. It has two – sided: one rougher and one smoother. It has attractive purple two-toned. You can keep your feet nice and soft by using it for a quick scrub in the shower.

  • It will provide refreshing and healthy look not only to feet but also to hands, elbows, and body.
  • It is made up of high-quality glass pumice.
  • It lasts for a longer time.
  • It is environmentally safe and economical.
  • It easily fits into the palm for easy use.
  • It will give you silky feet.

7) Hamalaya Natural Pumice Stone Hair Removal

Hamalaya is the natural pumice stone. It contains natural earth lava stone. You can easily hold it in your hand as the size is perfect. It comes with a suction cup so that it can be hanged on your shower wall.

  • It is the natural volcanic stone derived from volcanic lava.
  • It makes your feet smooth and shiny.
  • It is perfect for pedicures.
  • It is eco-friendly.

Now the question comes in mind how to use it?

I would like to answer this query so that you can make use of it at home without depending on the salon.

Pumice stone is used to clean dead and cracked skin, especially on heels, feet, elbows. For this, you should soak your rough skin in warm water for about five to ten minutes to make it soft and smooth. For cleaning feet, soak it in a bowl filled with lukewarm water so that you can be benefitted from exfoliation. You can use a bowl filled with warm water to soak your feet in it. Pumicing as a part of your shower may be simple and easy for other areas of the body. Until your dry skin is not softened, keep it soaked in warm water. The soft skin is easy to remove. If your skin gets soft, then you can use the pumice stone on it.

To use pumice stone you should first thoroughly wet it in water so that it can slide easily. After that gently rub it in the circular motion over the rough-skinned area. Keep it rubbing until the dead skin is removed and you get the soft, fresh and supple skin. Rub very gently so that only the surface of the stone is touched to the skin. You should rinse and repeat the process to get the best result out of it. Now after removing dead skin use a towel to pat your skin dry. After that apply cream or oil on the area to prevent it from quick drying. Oils like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or any body lotion can be used to condition your skin. To keep your skin in the good and healthy state you can repeat the process as and when required.


All the pumice stones as mentioned above for feet are very efficient, and by using them, you will find your skin healthy and shiny. You can choose any stone of your choice depending on your requirements and convenience. I assure you that your feet will be free from callous. You can walk confidently in public with your smooth feet by using any one of the products.