Dance Costumes for Adults – Reviewed and Compared

Dance is an art that includes body movements. The body moves in accordance with the music. Basically, it is the art of performance where the body do rhythmical steps. It includes nonverbal communication in the artistic form. Through it, you can express your feelings and emotions in a group or all alone. It can be for a ritual performance or professional performance or can be an informal play. Every society and culture have its own particular dance. You can have the solo, couple or group performance. The audience is very important in dance performance as dancer perform by keeping the audience in mind. It seems that the dancer is executing non-verbal communication skill to the audience by their dance steps.

To perform dance and enjoy it to the fullest you need the dance costumes which play the vital role in the dance. Both music and costumes provide harmony in the performance. There are variety of costumes indicating the type of dance like traditional dance, belly dance, western dance, Manipuri dance and much more. Costumes are designed by keeping the culture and type of dance in mind. Dancing not only include costume but you also need basic accessories to may it make it more impressive and expressive. You have to take care of your hairstyle, looks, makeup, props, jewelry. I would like to share unique dance costumes for adults. These dance costumes are reviewed and compared by the variety of costumes and found to be elegant and meant for particular dance.

Dance Costumes for Adults

1) Eurotard Women’s 13524 DressEurotard Women's 13524 Dress

Eurotard is dance costume for adults which is made in the USA or is imported

  • The fabric is 100% polyester.
  • It is meant for spiritual dance, worship, mime and lyrical and liturgical dance group.
  • This dress for adults has the simple, classic look which is floor length, but it can be cut to any length even without hemming. There will be no damage to the fabric.
  • It features the lined bodice and round neckline that is totally modest and decent.

2) Dance Fairy Belly Dance Long Satin SkirtDance Fairy Belly Dance 37" Long Satin Skirt, Full Circular Swing

Dance fairy is an adult dance costume meant for belly dance.

  • It is the long satin skirt having length near about 37 inches and the waist length about 5-40 inches.
  • The elastic waist design represents fashionable and unique design.
  • It is meant for belly dance and Latin dance. Even in the party, this dress adds beauty. Cocktail party, Halloween party and bar shows everywhere this long satin skirt can be worn.
  • If you whirl in this chiffon skirt, then you will enjoy the glamorous feeling.
  • This elegant skirt will make you the Diva of Dance.
  • The fabric is very comfortable and beautiful.

3) Dance Fairy Exotic Isis WingsDance Fairy Exotic Belly Dance Isis Wings

Dance Fairy Isis Wings is the dance costume for adults that reflects the feeling of dancing like a butterfly.

  • The fabric is 100% polyester with colorful yarn. A variety of colors is there to choose for you. Dark blue, lake blue, golden, silver, opening golden, transparent golden and much more.
  • If your height is 155-175cm, then this piece is appropriate for you.
  • You will enjoy the feeling of the butterfly. The graceful and elegant look of the costume will make you whirl in your innovative dance.
  • It is suitable for opening dance, and it matches to any kind of belly dance costume.
  • The wings can be extended to 360 degrees. By wearing it, you will enjoy the passion and full energy in your performance.

There is the strong relationship between dance and dance costume. The particular costumes are meant for particular dance. There are many categories of dance costume as we discussed above. The costume plays the vital role in the dance performance as it drives your passion in the performance. It gives motivational and inspirational spirit. The audience gets more idea and knowledge about the dance by looking at the costume. Your costume will add pleasure, enjoyment, and mood to the performance.