How To Wear A Leotard On Your Period: Clear Your Doubts

How To Wear A Leotard On Your Period

How To Wear A Leotard On Your Period: Clear Your Doubts

Gymnasts, ballerinas, dancers, athletes, etc. have to maintain their physique to sustain their thriving career. Flexibility is their USP, and it is necessary to create such an environment that allows them to give an excellent performance. 

You must have seen dancers and gymnasts wear leotards as it gives them freedom of movement and higher mobility. They can present clear and gracious movements while wearing one. However, it can get uncomfortable at times, especially for girls, when they’re on their period.

How To Wear A Leotard On Your Period?

Tips On How To Wear A Leotard On Your Period:

Most professionals prefer not wearing any undergarments while donning a leotard as it can move around or be visible during the show and also cause a great amount of discomfort. Some leotards have built-in liners that can be removed and washed easily. So, ballet dancers often wear their tights as their underwear under the leotard.

If you’re passionate about your career, you know that you can’t afford to miss any practice or show, even when the period is at your doorstep. On that account, we have got you covered with the following tips:

1. Avoid Sanitary Napkins and Opt for Tampons

Avoid sanitary napkins and opt for tampons

As wearing leotard underwear is not feasible, it is better to try tampons rather than wearing sanitary pads. Pads might peek out in the middle of your performance, and the bright lights can easily bring the audience’s attention to it. There is always a chance of leakage when there is a lot of movement. Thus, it is best to try out some tampons. They not only give a long-lasting coverage but also eliminates the possibility of accidentally showcasing a glimpse. 

2. Choose Period-Proof Gymnastics Underwear 

period-proof gymnastics underwear

If you’re not comfortable with tampons, you can wear period-proof underwear that fits well under your leotard. These gymnastics underwear have leakproof abilities that can soak up to two tampons worth of blood flow. Period panties can be a great alternative to tampons or pads. They feel exactly like normal underwear but can prevent the leaking of blood.

3. Try Menstrual Cups

menstrual cups

Menstrual cups work great for heavy flow days. They can give leak-protection for up to 12 hours. However, they might feel a bit uncomfortable if you’ve never tried them before.

4. Wear a Bright-Colored Leotard

bright-colored leotard

It is better to avoid light-colored leotard gymnastics underwear during that time of the month. By wearing dark colors like red or black, it won’t be instantly visible in the middle of your performance if you end up leaking or bleeding through.

5. Wear Skirts or Shorts Over the Leotard 

skirts or shorts over the leotard

If you’re having a heavy flow and are uncomfortable with tampons, you can wear a pad and cover it by wearing shorts or skirts. Your instructor or teacher will certainly understand your situation.


Periods can be painful, especially for professionals who have to undergo a lot of movement daily. By keeping the abovementioned points in your back pocket, you can learn how to wear a leotard on your period and ace your performance. Remember, nothing can stop you from performing, so there is always a solution. Keep digging in here for more interesting and helpful stuff.

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