Best Purple Hair Dye Brands of 2017

Who doesn’t like smooth glossy hair in rich purple color? But picking the right hair dye can prove annoyingly difficult. A wrong choice could mean patches of uneven hair color and frizzy damaged hair. Is there a way out of this fix? Well, yes. This post is to help you choose from a list of long-lasting, safe, and enriching dark violet hair dye brands with zero side-effects.

Best Permanent Purple Hair Dye

1) L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color, M32 Violet Soft Black

L’Oreal Paris’ Feria range of hair dyes are formulated to deliver bold, long-lasting results with three times the highlights. It comes with a power shimmer conditioner that hydrates your hair and deeply nourishes it from roots, to give you soft and lustrous locks. Buy this to be sure of damage-free, vibrant locks, for weeks after the application.

The following are some of the stunning features of L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color, M32 Midnight Star:

  • It comes in a deep violet-black shade and gives your hair a rich, glossy finish.
  • The range of shades on offer by L’Oreal are unique, and custom-blended, yo give you a stunning, head-turning result.
  • The power shimmer conditioner leaves your hair soft and conditioned, for weeks after the initial application. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting result, this is your best bet.

2) Jerome Russell Punky Hair Color Creme, Purple

Jerome Russell’s Punky Hair Color Creme is a semi-permanent conditioning hair color. Use it on bleached or chemically-treated hair to get a lush purple finish. If you have darker hair, you can use one of the best purple hair dye brands – Jerome Russell for flashy purple highlights. The best thing about using Jerome’s dark violet hair dye is that it conditions your hair as it dyes, leaving your hair soft, glossy, and punky!

The following are some features of Jerome Russel:

  • It is an original, semi-permanent, intense hair coloring cream that can be used when you want to color your hair for a short span of time.
  • After a few washes it fades into lighter shades of pink, affording you multiple looks from a single session.
  • It is a natural, vegetable-based dye that’s free from harsh chemicals and therefore, perfectly safe to use.
  • It is a conditioning hair dye that leaves your locks smooth, lustrous, and vibrant.

3) Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color, Purple Passion

It is a deep, long-lasting hair dye that can be mixed with other shades to create new, interesting shades, that suit your style and palette. It works well on bleached hair, but can also be used as highlight on dark hair. It comes with detailed, fool proof instructions and does not require a developer.

Some of its notable features include:

  • It is a high-quality professional hair color, that can be used with ease even by beginners
  • If you are new to the whole hair-dyeing business, follow the simple, step-by-step instructions to get brilliant results without hassle.
  • It contains a three-ounce tube and does not require a developer. But if you have thick, long hair, you might want to consider buying more than one pack to cover it all.

4) Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Color Nourishing Creme, V2 Dark Intense Violet

The Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color range of dyes, lets you choose from an array of 5 rich shades from ultra-intense red to lightening browns. The best thing about Garnier Nutrisse is that it lets you color your dark hair without bleaching it. So, if you have dark blonde or brunette hair and if you are not a great fan of using bleach, Garnier Nutrisse can make your hair four shades lighter, without bleaching. The product comes with a sachet of grapeseed oil to deeply nourish your hair and to protect it from damage.

Its main features include:

  • It is a permanent hair color crème that contains nourishing nutrients from avocado, olive, and shea seed oils.
  • It is specifically designed for the darkest of hair shades, and lets you lighten your hair without bleaching it.
  • Its color boost technology leaves your hair healthy, conditioned, and vibrant.

5) Sparks Complete Color Kit, Purple Passion

It is a PPD-free permanent purple hair dye that conditions your hair as it colors it. If you’ve been putting off dyeing as you are afraid of subjecting your hair to harsh chemicals, you can safely choose Sparks Complete Color Kit, as it is free from PPD.

Notable features include:

  • Produces bright shades and is therefore easy to mix with other colors to get an array of results.
  • It deeply conditions your hair leaving it healthy, soft, and vibrant.
  • It comes with a powder lightener that safely lightens dark hair in one simple step without damaging its natural texture.

6) Joico Vero K-pak Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color – Amethyst Purple

If you are looking for a quick purple finish without having to bother about using a developer, Joico Vero’s semi-permanent purple hair dye, is for you. You can use it in three simple steps: apply to clean dry hair, process for twenty minutes, wash off and shampoo with a dye-preserving shampoo. Remember to wear gloves while you work with the color to avoid nasty stains on your skin.

It is a conditioning hair color that leaves your locks soft and vibrant after every use. As this is a semi-permanent hair color, prepare to re-dye your hair after a few washes, if you are looking for a long-lasting affect.

The following are some advantages of using Joico Vero K-pak Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color:

  • A rich, glossy finish in deep amethyst purple, that works well with bleached hair and as highlights.
  • A vibrant look that lasts for over 15 washes.
  • Rich in Quadramine Complex, that deeply nourishes your hair besides giving it a nice, dark finish.
  • It can be intermixed with other hair dyes to produce over 20 shapes of blues, pinks, and purples. If you are someone who likes experimenting with your hair color based on your outfit, this is your best bet.
  • Contains kukui nut oil, that conditions your hair and protects it from damage.

That brings us to the end of our list of the best purple hair dyes available today, to give you a stunning make-over in no time! If you are planning to steal the show at the next Saturday night party, pick a dark violet hair dye that suits your skin tone and hair texture from the list above. You will see how many heads you can turn with your wild new hair color!