Tips for Leotard Styling – How to Wear It?

Tips for Leotard Styling – How to Wear It-Add heading

Tips for Leotard Styling – How to Wear It?

Dressed in a bodysuit or leotard with your regular clothes is the new trend followed by almost every celebrity these days. Though it does not appear as the most practical thing to do, having few good pair of leotards can make you look slim, chic and stylish. Pick some funky breathable body suit or soft color leotard to match them with your daily outfit and join the trend of wearing bodysuit. Still, confused how to put on a leotard, then below styling tips will guide you on the correct way of paring leotard with other clothes in the wardrobe.

How to Wear a Leotard?

  1. Match a light breathable leotard with a nerdy chic Bermuda shorts. This is the most comfortable wear when you are meeting your friends for drinks or enjoying brunch in open air.
  2. Dare to wear a striped or printed leotard with knee length skirt and sneakers. Adorn with simple accessories like a floral print bag, sneakers or flats. The whole attire will make you look smart and stylish with ease.
  3. Want just to go out to shop for grocery yet want to look effortlessly stylish, try wearing a sexy black leotard with a great pair of blue jeans. Finish it off with simple accessories, matching flats, and light makeup. This style will never go out of trend and will attract some eyes on you for sure.
  4. For achieving a classier look, try dare to wear a sheer polka dot body suit underneath a cocktail dress. Keep it simple, elegant, but you can always add some great pair of heels to flaunt the style.
  5. A red bodysuit is a must have in your wardrobe. Wear it with a pair of loose-fitting jeans and white sneakers. Comfortable and super stylish look if you carry some funky glasses while going out. Check the latest fashion trends of 2016.

How to Wash a Leotard?

Leotards are made from unique fabric that molds around the body yet the material is breathable, so you don’t sweat much. But, with every wrong wash, the fabric tends to dull and get de-shaped. If you don’t want the leotard to lose the beauty, make sure to follow these washing instructions while taking care of bodysuit. Here some easy ways to how to wash a leotard.

  • Leotards should be turned inside-out before washing. This will help in sustaining the color of the fabric for a longer time.
  • It is advisable to hand wash to leotard in cold water which prevents them from getting de-shaped. When machine washed, use the gentle cycle.
wash leotard
  • Take a small amount of table salt in cold water to sanitize the leotards. This will help the fabric color from running. You can use fabric conditioner to restore the shine after the regular wash.
  • The fabric of body suit easily gets cleaned so do not soak the leotard even for five minutes. Do now twist the fabric to remove water. Instead, gently squeeze and hand them to dry in air.
  • Never rub the fabric together to get rid of stains. Instead, use mild detergents to clean and wash it immediately.
  • If the leotard has the combination of both light and dark color, use salt in a large volume of water to prevent color bleeding. Hang to dry.

Every leotard is different, but the delicate fabrics require special care to lengthen their shelf life. Leotards are a great piece of garment to wear in daily life as it makes you look lean and can easily be matched with almost every garment in wardrobe.

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