Types of Leotards: Top Stylish Leotards

Types of Leotards

Types of Leotards: Top Stylish Leotards

Most the gymnastics leotards are styled in a similar fashion, especially in legs and thighs area. The snug fitting with right cuts on the thigh area helps mold the fabric around the body. Apart from these structural similarities, leotards are different based on the material, design, embroidery and various kinds of cuts and style.

Type of Leotards

There are mainly three types of leotard which are mostly used by gymnast and dance performers. Let’s have detailed information on the most worn leotards.

1. Casual Leotards

Most commonly, known as bodysuits in fashion term, casual leotards are designed as per the latest fashion trend rather than for gymnastic routine. Usually, they are worn individually or as a base layer with a jacket. Available in different styles and colors, one can wear a casual leotard with skirts, jeans or shorts.

Casual Leotards

2. Dance Leotards

Specially designed for the dancers, dance leotards are made from high quality of cotton and nylon so that costume is stretchable and provides comfort. Dance leotards are available in bright colors or multi-colored paired with the tutu. The most preferred design is the cami strap that gives dancer a graceful look as well as comfort during performance.

Dance Leotards

3. Gymnastics Leotards

As the name suggests, this leotard is ideal for gymnasts. Gymnastics Leotards are made using high quality of cotton, nylon, polyester, velvet or combination of any these. They are colorful and have an extravagant design. Some high-end brands use unique design with sequins and another embroidery to elevate the appearance of the leotard. Compared to other leotard designs, there is a much broader range to choose in gymnastics leotards. There are children and toddler options also available which are adorable.

Gymnastics Leotards

Most Common Style in Leotards

If you are a gymnast or dancer, choosing correct leotards for performance is very important. As per the body type, you need to select the best style that complements the body and give you a graceful look.

Here are some of the top styles among leotards you can choose.

  1. Halter Style: Picked by most of the gymnasts, the halter design gives a flattering look, and most of the dancers prefer this style as there are no straps to bother.
  2. Tank Style: The sleeveless design has a thick strap-on shoulders which give a flattering look to a busted gymnast. Also, this leotard design provides maximum coverage in the front area.
  3. Camisole Style: In this design, there are thing spaghetti straps on the leotard to give the delicate appearance. The camisole style is quite popular among the ballet dancers.
  4. Long Sleeve: If you live in a colder place, practicing gymnast routine can be difficult. Long sleeve leotards will help you stay warm and help you look lean.
  5. Short Sleeve: This leotard seems more like a t-shirt and it apt for the younger dancer. It might not look stylish but very comfortable while practicing.
  6. Mock Neck: This is another option for the gymnast who lives in a colder region. These mock turtlenecks have a higher neckline and give a classy appearance to the dancer.
  7. Asymmetrical Style: This off-the-shoulder style is for dancers who like to stand out of the crowd. Asymmetrical style has a more artistic look and appeals to jazz dancers more.

When buying the leotard online, there are few things one should keep in mind. Pick the leotard that fits your body perfectly. Neither too tight nor too lose, you should always feel comfortable doing the most difficult drills wearing a leotard. Choose the one that comes with adjustable straps so you can fit them as per your torso size. The last thing is to pick the color and style that complements your personality.

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