Unitard vs. Leotard Reviews of 2019

Unitard vs. Leotard Reviews of 2017

Unitard vs. Leotard Reviews of 2019

Leotard Review

When it comes to dancewear options, the first two things come to mind are the unitard and leotard. But, for non-dancers, it is quite a bit difficult to identify the difference between these two dancewear solutions. On the web, there are many articles showing the unitard vs leotard reviews. But, most of them providing in so much detail that can make the difficulty even more difficult! So, we have decided to provide you an easy and simple way to know the difference of unitard vs leotard and get the best dancewear for 2017.

Both unitard and leotard are one-piece garments which are tight, comes as long, short, or no-sleeve. So, for newcomers, it is a bit confusing to choose between them. Though the design and construction of both the dance wears have a very small difference, their usage, and other features will provide a clear picture. Check the below reviews and get the right solution.

Unitard vs Leotard

  • Commonly, a unitard covers the leg area while the leotard covers a short or no leg area.
  • A unitard is generally made from the stretchy fabrics like Lycra. It is a single piece body-length garment which started to be used in the early 1990s by the stage dancers. While a leotard is a unisex, single-piece, skin-tight garment which does not cover the legs. It was made famous by Jules Leotard – a popular French acrobatic performer in mid-1800s.’
  • A leotard was firstly made for the men athletes and circus performers but soon became popular among women users also. The man’s leotard comes with a lower cut in the chest and the area between the stomach and thigh. While the unitard is most commonly used by the women performers only.
  • Unitard is worn without nothing underneath it while leotard is worn with something to cover the legs most often.
  • Leotards are widely used among the circus performers, acrobats, showgirls, and as swim wears. While the unitard is most commonly worn by the dancers and fitness adductors.
  • Often, a unitard with short-cuts called as a biketard or bootietard. But, the word ‘short unitard’ is more preferable to define because it describes the garment more precisely.
  • Unitard comes in different styles of straps, sleeves, which ranges from the full sleeves to camisole spaghetti straps. While a leotard comes with a high-cut leg opening typically.
  • The tank style unitard is more popular while the leotard has three variations including the leg cut, neckline, and the sleeve length.

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If you are a beginning dancer or have to know the exact difference between a unitard and a leotard, then the above points will guide you in a right way. Since a bit of time, we were researching about the different styles and designs of a dancewear costume. And when we identified the clear difference between a leotard and a unitard, we soon decided to let our reader have the knowledge for the same. Let us know your thoughts on unitard vs. leotard reviews of 2017 and don’t forget to mention your favorite wear in the comment section below.

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